Through my journey to adapting to a healthier lifestyle, I have learned so much about eating habits, and one being the importance of snacking. Before I started this journey, I always thought that snacking was bad, but the truth is, it is good for you and it is important to have two snacks a day, in between meals, but the key is to have the RIGHT snacks. Things like chips and cookies would not be considered as a healthy snack. Healthy snacking fights hunger which prevents binge eating and overeating during meal time, it also helps you meet your nutrition needs, as long as you choosing the right snacks. Some of my favorite snacks to eat are:

  • Jicama (Mexican Potato) It tastes like a sweet pea, just peel it, slice it, and eat it like any other raw vegetableJicama
    • Celery with Peanut butter
    • Baby carrots
    • Greek yogurt Plain, but I add fruit, honey, or cinnamon to mine for some flavor
    • Protein bars
    • Sweet Peas
  • • Almonds
  • Fruits (Apple, strawberries, grapefruit)
  •  Granola bites
  • Rice Cakes

These are just a few that I enjoy and find the most convenient. It is hard to eat healthy, let alone choosing healthy snacks too, but again planning and preparing ahead it key to success. I love how I feel and I love reaching out to others and the internet for new ideas.


One thought on “Snacking

  1. Great tips and suggestions for snacks! Healthy snacks are a great way to keep hunger at bay while giving your body the nutrition it needs! 🙂


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