What’s for Dinner?

OK…Now back to my healthy living, clean eating journey. One of the most challenging things I have found on this journey is figuring out “What’s for dinner?” Being a mom of two small children and a husband that likes to eat (what man doesn’t like to eat?? 🙂 ), it gets pretty tricky trying to make one meal that will satisfy everyone. I have to say that I am pretty amazed by how well my children do eat, and I am so proud that they are learning about the important of eating healthy at a young age and they enjoy it! I would consider my daughter to be pretty picky, but she has learned to try it and then if she doesn’t like it, she can substitute with a peanut butter sandwich. My son, on the other hand, is a champ… he loves his veggies! And my husband, he’ll eat anything, just takes more to fill him up :). I’m not going to lie, we definitely have our “cheat” night when we order in pizza, or go out to eat, oh, and don’t forget about those cookies we have to make once in a while :).
So, you may be wondering… what do we eat? Well, our typical go to’s include: using ground turkey instead of ground beef for tacos, casseroles, burgers, ect., using wheat noodles, tortillas, bread, buns instead of white, brown rice, we eat lots of chicken, fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, and eggs just to name a few.
I find a Pinterest to be a life saver, when planning meals. There are so many ideas for quick meals, crockpot meals, and of course desserts! Here I share a few of our favorites so that I have found and tried… give them a try, you won’t be sorry :).



Chix brown rice casserole


I can honestly say, I look forward to cooking and trying new things, and to me, if I know it is healthy and clean, I enjoy it that much more.


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