21 Days

They say it takes 21 days to get into a habit. I can honestly say, I now believe in this statement. As I may have mentioned in earlier posts, I started my healthy journey with Beachbody, the program I chose was 21 day fix. (Hence, 21 days to get into a habit). This program has a set fitness and nutrition plan to follow for 21 days. I personally did not do it to lose weight, so I didn’t use the containers that were also given with the program, but I followed the fitness portion to a tee. The fitness portion contained 8 different, 30 minute workouts with a variety of programs including: Pilates, yoga, cardio, and weight lifting exercises, all targeting core areas of the body. Now that my 21 days is complete, I am still going, I am committed. I honestly feel the need to work out every day, and if I don’t, I don’t feel good about myself.
The same goes for eating. When I started the fitness challenge, I also started the healthy (clean) eating challenge. I have also come accustomed to this and WANT to eat healthy. I feel better, I look better, my clothes fit better, I am happier… all in all, I enjoy being me!
I have come to realize that it is all about making choices and commitments. Giving it 21 days….has made me addicted to a better lifestyle.

Fitness quote


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