Countdown Is On!

As you may recall, my primary motivator that started my “get fit” “get healthy” journey was to be in the best I have ever been in and to able to wear a bikini for trip to Punta Cana in a few short months! Am I there yet? No. Am I closer to reaching my goal? Yes. Will I get there? Yes! I have 3 short months to get there. Not going to lie… last week was a bad week of exercising…. completely lost my motivation. Maybe it was the weather, maybe I lost interest in my program. No matter the reason, I must stay focused and get through this.  Over the weekend, I did find a little motivator… I started looking at swimsuits, which reminded me why I started this in the first place and what I am working towards. Sure, I could settle with a tankini or a one-piece, but that would be cheating myself. So, last week is past, this is a start of new week and I am determined to get back on track.
The countdown is on… 3 months… I can DO this!



One thought on “Countdown Is On!

  1. For sometime I never thought about being in a good shape because I thought I was skinny but when I stood on the scale late last year I was surprised that I am pushing close to almost 180 Ibs! So I have started to be health conscious too but not for a bikini ! But just a good shape for the good of my health.Anyway,I hope you will be in good shape by the time you go for your trip.


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