Go Greens!

You may be seeing a common trend here throughout my blogs…. versatility amongst foods! Why make dieting and healthy eating complicated? Key is to choose healthy choices, but make it easy on yourself. So as I continue to find the most convenient, versatile foods, I will continue to share.
So here it goes…..salads. I know when I started this journey, one of my first thoughts were, “Man, I’m going to have eat boring, blah salads for the next months.” But, the truth is, I have learned to love salads, I don’t eat them all the time, but I sure do love them. Why? Because I can be creative and have a different salad every day if I really wanted too! I don’t always have time to cook and salads are an easy, healthy choice.
Some of favorite toppings I share below:

Raspberry vinaigrette

Favorite toppings:
Feta cheese
Red onion
Pearl Mozzarella
Sweet peas

Oh the options are endless…. get creative. Do you have a creative salad creation? Please share it, I would love to read and hear new ideas!


Got a Sweet Tooth? Go Bananas!

Who would have thought such a simple fruit can used for so many reasons. They are a great substitute for many desserts to make it a bit healthier.
To start, I love adding bananas to my shakes every morning. They are so versatile, taste great with both the vanilla and the chocolate, or add any additional fruit, peanut butter, and coconut oil to change the flavor up a bit.
Now onto the sweet stuff… bananas make a great substitute for butter and oil in baked goods. Instead of adding butter to your cake, add smashed bananas. Bananas will still offer the moistness to the cake without the added calories and fat. Also, any recipe calling for a whole egg, add a banana instead.
Bananas are cheap, convenient, healthy, and if they get old on the counter, throw them in the freezer for another day.
I made a “clean” cookie recipe this weekend, cutting out the flour, eggs, and butter. (Of course, I had to the leave in the chocolate chips 🙂 )

Clean Cookies:
1 Cup Quick oats
2 Bananas (I used 1 old, and 1 new)
Handful of chocolate chips

Bake at 350 degrees for 7-8 minutes. Enjoy!Banana Oatmeal Cookies 003  Great for a treat while eating clean!